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Installing honey bee packages is an essential step in beekeeping for those who want to start their own hive or expand an existing one. Honey bee packages are usually sold by bee suppliers, and they contain a queen bee, a certain number of worker bees, and some food to sustain the bees during transportation.

In this blog, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to install honey bee packages, including some tips to ensure a successful installation.

Step 1: Prepare the hive

Before you install the honey bee package, you need to make sure that your hive is ready. The hive should be clean, free of debris and pests, and have frames with foundation or drawn comb. You can also add a feeder filled with sugar syrup to provide extra food for the bees.

Step 2: Choose the installation location

Choose a location for the hive that is sheltered from the wind and receives sunlight for at least six hours a day. The hive should also be placed in an area with good drainage, so the bees do not have to deal with standing water.

Step 3: Install the honey bee package

When you receive your honey bee package, you should install it as soon as possible. Bees can only survive for a limited amount of time in the package. Follow these steps to install the honey bee package:

1.      Remove the lid and feeder can from the package.

2.      Gently remove the queen cage from the package and inspect her for any damage or injury. If the queen is alive and healthy, place her in a safe and warm spot.

3.      Pour the bees into the hive. Try to shake them out gently, so they don't get too agitated.

4.      Place the queen cage between two frames in the center of the hive. Make sure that the candy plug is facing up, so the bees can release the queen.

5.      Close the hive and wait for a few days before inspecting it again.

Step 4: Feed the bees

After installing the honey bee package, you should monitor the bees regularly and make sure that they have enough food. If there are no natural food sources available, you can provide them with sugar syrup in a feeder. Keep in mind that bees need a lot of food, especially during the early stages of colony development.

Tips for a successful installation

·         Install the package on a warm and sunny day when the temperature is above 50°F.

·         Wear protective clothing to avoid bee stings.

·         Make sure that the queen is alive and healthy before installing the package.

·         Provide enough food and water for the bees.

·         Monitor the hive regularly to make sure that the bees are healthy and thriving.

In conclusion, installing honey bee packages is an essential step in beekeeping. By following the steps and tips provided in this blog, you can ensure a successful installation and start your own colony of honey bees. Remember to be patient and gentle with the bees, and they will reward you with delicious honey and pollination services for your garden or farm.


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