First Month With New Packages

Below are the normal time frames that new packages go through in the first month.

Day 1-3: Installing the Package The first few days after installing the package are crucial. You'll need to make sure that the bees have access to food and water, as they won't have any stored up yet. It's also important to check that the queen has been released from her cage and has begun laying eggs. During this time, the bees will be focused on building comb and establishing the colony.

Yes my queens are out, can you spot her.

Day 4-14: Building Comb and Establishing the Colony During this time, the bees will be busy building comb and expanding the size of the colony. You may notice that the bees are bringing in more pollen and nectar as they start to establish their food sources. The queen will also be laying more eggs, and the colony will be growing at a rapid pace.

Yes mine are building brood, pollen and honey stores.

Day 15-30: Checking the Brood and Health of the Colony By the third week, the colony should be well established, and the queen will be laying eggs consistently. It's important to check the brood (young bees) during this time to ensure that they are healthy and developing properly. You should also check for signs of disease or pests and take action if necessary.

Lots of brood. I had already added a medium on top of my deep and now have added a queen excluder and super(medium). My hives have had a head start, as I had frames with wax already drawn out. 

It's important to note that during the first month, the colony may experience some setbacks, such as a lack of food or a weak queen. However, with proper care and attention, the colony should thrive and grow stronger over time.


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