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Please Don't Go

 It's early Spring and the flow is starting with all the blooms around our part of the world. My hives have made it through the winter and are large and strong. Especially one hive, the one that has always been so active. The one that my wife and I both got stung by several  times. A strong aggressive hive makes for lots of honey production so I don't mind. But the other day I came home to find this! This means they are crowded and thinking about swarming. OH NO!  I quickly got another medium super and put it on to give them room. Also, I called the local owner of the bee store where I shop and he told me that a queen excluder can cause this as well because the queen is running out of space to lay eggs. So I also remove the excluder and then I took the top board and scooped them up and dumped them back in the top. They looked better with in the hour.   The next day they looked very good, back to normal for this hive anyway.         I will have to keep a close eye on these girls