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Spring is Coming

Late February in South Carolina and we are starting to see signs of Spring. I saw my bees bringing in the lime green pollen which comes for Red Maples. See the picture below I don't know if you can make out the color very well. The one in the middle has it's hind legs loaded down.  On warm days, above 50 degrees I take a look at the hive to make sure all is well. I found some mold that comes from the condensation in the hive. Condensation comes because it is cold outside and the bees are keeping it at 90 degrees in hive around the queen. I had to raise the lid a little to let the moisture out. I just used a 1/8th inch piece of wood placed on the top board.  The bees have been finding a lot of pollen but I have not seen much honey. So I have been supplementing the much needed carbs with fondant. This cuts down on moisture that would come from sugar water, plus it won't freeze. I just laid it on top of the top board and they consumed it all. Probably I should cut it th