Sometimes You Fail

 The US has been experiencing high hive loss of over %50 the last couple years. There are many causes for this, such as, disease, verroa mite, pest control and just failure. Sad to say I am down to no hives now as one hive swarmed in early spring and the other recently just absconded(left for unknown reason). I believe the last that absconded was getting robbed and just decided to join the raiders. I have never had that happen before.

I could be very upset but I had those two hives for several years and made my money back plus in honey. So I will get two new packages this spring. I am on the list for two in late March from a local bee store. I have had great luck with the bees I get from them always being healthy and productive, so I will use them again.

But it is very sad to look in my bee yard and see this.

Well I will continue to document my bee journey's here.

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