Winter Lock-down

 Winter Lock-down

Well it is cold and drizzly today and the bees aren't doing much. In the winter they spend a lot of time in lock-down mode just staying warm in the hive. When the sun comes out and the temp gets above 50 degrees you will see some of the ladies adventure out to see if there is any pollen or nectar to be found. This is the time you have to watch them closely as they can starve to death. I had a hive starve to death last year so I am very cautious. The best thing to feed them during this time is fondant. Fondant is not liquid so does not freeze and is pure carbohydrate. They don't need pollen during the winter as you do not want to promote building the brood at this time. In early spring you can give them some pollen.

There are many makers of fondant or recipes to make your own. You must follow the directions for making it precisely as some forms can hurt the bees.

A fondant patty ready to feed the bees. I just break it up and put it under the top cover and they seem to have no problem getting to it. You can put in a riser or shim used for feeding patties and fondant if you like and it may be a better way.

Like I said not much activity in the hives this time of year. To make sure they are alive and well without lifting the top and letting out their heat, I put my ear to the side of the hive and give the other side a little smack. You should hear a nice Buzzzz sound.

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