Must Feed Your Pets

 In my Bee class, that I took from a local bee supply company, the statement was made, "You wouldn't just buy a dog and never feed or take care of them would you", you shouldn't do that with your bees as well.

 I had one hive left going into the winter and it was a very big and strong hive. I did steal some honey from them in the summer but I thought I will just feed them in the winter. I was doing well with this but then some very cold rainy weather came in and so my bees were hunkered down. I was afraid to open the hive to put some fondant directly in because it has been so cold. Last weekend I did the tape test, where you put your ear to the hive and tap on the side pretty hard, and I heard no sound. Today it got well above 50 degrees the temp that hey come out and you can go into the hive, but nobody was roaming around. So I popped the lid on the hive and below is what I found. They are all dead.

I was not vigilant enough in keeping them fed. I hate this as this was an extremely strong hive.

 Failure is just a lesson

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