I Been Robbed

Bee keeping is always full of ups and downs. Fighting mites, beetles and other elements, as well as just keeping them healthy. It is always a challenge and you can not just ignore them or you will lose them. As I have said in my earlier posts, I had to re-queen my oldest hive because it lost it's queen during the summer. Everything was looking great and the hive was growing as of two weeks ago. 

I was afraid they needed some extra nutrients so I stuck a front entrance feeder on this hive. I normally use a top feeder or fondant. It was helping them but last week I noticed what appeared to be a robbing going on. This is where another strong hive sees the easy food source of a front feeder and begins to rob it. They don't stop there either. They go into the hive fighting the bees of that hive and taking all the honey stores as well. They will also rip open brood cells killing the next generation. I found this situation had happened when I checked my hives this week. 

My mistake I left the front feeder on too long or I should have just not used it at all. The new queen was still there with a few attendants but that was about all. So I will have to buy another package of bees next year. 

This Bee keeping hobby is hard?? 😐

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